Slat Fencing Installation Guide

Slats 1

Most Aluminium Slat Fencing is fitted into existing brick pillars and the following guide shows how simple the installation process is.

slat fence installation

Measure and cut the channels and pre drill the holes to fix to the wall. We recommend a maximum of 400mm between fixings.

Fix the channels to the wall in the desired position, using a minimum 10g screws 50mm long.

Cut the slats 12mm shorter than the opening size.

Drop the first slat into position with the desired gap. Check for level and fix into position using a 10g/16 tek screw each side.

Drop the rest of the slats in one by one, and position with the desired gap and fix in place. Check for level occasionally.

When all of the slats are in place, step back and check that everything looks level and even and adjust as required. All holes and screws will be covered in the next step.

Cut the covers to length.

Fit the covers in place using a rubber mallet.

Tap the black plastic cover in place to hide the top of the channel. 

Step back and admire the handywork. This easy installation process will give you a professional finish everytime.