Gate & Frame assembly instructions 

These assembly instructions are for an aluminium gate manufactured from a 50 x 50 aluminium Shs with the channel in the middle. The gate is fitted with 65mm slats and a gap between the slats of 35mm.

The posts are simply a 50 x 50 aluminium Shs with a cap inserted in the top.

Items required to complete the assembly are a tape measure, a mitre saw, with a fine tooth aluminium blade, white rubber mallet and a tek screw gun.

Measure the gate opening width and deduct 100mm for the posts (2 x 50mm posts) and 30mm, (2 x 15mm ) for the gap between the gate and posts. Total 130mm. Deduct 25mm from the height for the gap at the bottom of the gate.

Cut the frame and mitre the corners. Remember the more accurate the mitre, the better the corner joint.

Install the gate frame corner stakes into the bottom of the frame. These will be tight so will need tapping in with a rubber mallet. Fix the bottom of the frame to the 2 sides again tapping into position. 

Check the width of the frame and fix  screws into the corners as shown in the drawing. It may be easier to pre drill the holes for the screws, to prevent any movement of the frame and corner stakes.

Cut the slats to the correct length, which is the inside width minus 12mm. Place the slats into the gate frame channel and leave them resting at the bottom. This should be done carefully, so as not to scratch the powder coat on the slats.

Fit the corner stakes into the top of the frame and install the top into the sides of the gate. Fix the  screws into each corner, again it may be easier to pre drill for these screws.

Position the slats with the desired gap and fix in place using tek screws. 

Fit the covers onto the channels using a rubber mallet, then step back and admire the handywork. This easy assembly process will give you a professional finish everytime.